Bicycling in


by Jan Boonstra


Useful info

General information about bicycling in South Korea.
  1. Incheon International Airport
  2. To Transport your Bike in the Country
  3. About Korean Roadmaps
  4. The Roads in Korea and it's Safety
  5. The role of Bicycles in traffic
  6. What Cycling Tourists should know
  7. Places to Stay
  8. Restaurants and Food
  9. The Mountains
  10. The Weather in Korea
  11. Communication and Internet
  12. Banks
Survival tips
Here are some survival tips for cyclists in Korean traffic.
 Korea Randonneurs
Information about long-distance endurance cycling events in Korea
   Han River Riders
The facebook discussion- and contact platform for (mainly expatriate) cyclists in and near Seoul. But check out this page for events in other parts of Korea as well.
Selected Elements of Korea's Non-Motorized Infrastructure
An extensive account with many photographs from own observations of David Mozer of the International Bicycle Fund.
Observations on the Infrastructure for Bicycle Travel
A summary of suggestions for better and safer bicycling in Korea, supported with photographs
Bicycle route between Seoul and Busan
Detailed maps and other information of a bicycle route between Seoul and Busan.

Personal References

Map of Korea
A map of South Korea, on which I have marked all the roads where I have cycled.
Newspaper article
"Cycling Dutchman calls Korea home", article published in the Korea Times, August 19, 2004.

Tour Reports

Couch on Wheels!
A beautiful photo-report and narrative of four friends who rode from Seoul to Busan in 2011.
And then.. the bicycle was stolen!
A true short story about a 10 days' bicycle tour in August 1997. After all with a happy ending!
Korea 1998: An account by Mike Blackwell
I'm not the only one who is touring Korea by bicycle and writes about it: Mike Blackwell from Alaska kept a diary of his 3 week's tour. Read his enthousiastic account!
Vijf korte fietsverhalen.
Echt gebeurde belevenissen tijdens fietstochten in de periode 1993-1997 door Korea in vijf korte verhalen met kaart voor ori?tatie.
  1. Klimmen en Afdalen, uit het dagboek van mijn eerste fietstocht door Korea in 1993.
  2. Verhuizen op de fiets. Over stranden door pech en aardige mensen die mij verder hielpen.
  3. Gratis Eten. Iets te eten kopen onderweg is niet zo simpel, toch lukt het altijd wel weer.
  4. Zou'k het nou wel doen? vroeg ik mij af voor een tocht door de barre kou.
  5. En toen was de fiets gestolen. Dat gebeurde op een "rondje Korea" in de zomer van 1997. Een verhaal met toch nog een happy end.
Seoul - Busan over kleine weggetjes
een reisverslag van een tour, gereden in september 2005
Incheon - Sokcho v.v.
Verslag van Wim Hessels, die 'eventjes' in een dag van Incheon naar Sokcho fietst en een andere dag terug!
Sojourn to the South Sea
Photo essay of Ibike's Korea program - southern tour
Exploring Eastern Korea
Photo essay of Ibike's Korea program - eastern tour
Land of the morning calm : summer
A sweltering jaunt around Korea's Gyeongsang province, a wonderful and entertaining account from Mike Smith, of his July 2004 bike tour.


The Ibike Korea program
Information about the only publicly organized bicycle tour in Korea, which takes place in autumn of each year. Organized by the International Bicycle Fund.
de ongelofelijke tandemtocht
Yomi van der Veen en Anne Boonstra vertrokken in januari 2004 voor een tocht per tandem vanuit Vietnam, dwars door China en Korea. Zij hebben met deze aktie 10.000 Euro bij elkaar gefietst ten bate van de organisatie War Child. Via Scandinavi? zijn ze in augustus 2004 weer naar huis gereden.
The Promotion Association of Bicycling for a new Life Environment. This association is very active in organizing bicycle tours for stimulating people's consciousness for a healthy living environment. It also advocates bicycle infrastructure and issues brochures and maps of scenic bicycle routes (in Korean).
Seoul Expatriates
Global networking site for expats of various nationalities and their family members.