Super Randonneur and KR-awards

Super Randonneur

    >Super Randonneur medal

    A rider becomes a Super Randonneur after having successfully completed a full series of brevets in the same year. A full series consists of the following brevets: 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, 600 km.
    You need to be a Super Randonneur in order to qualify to participate (during the same year) in brevets of 1000 km or more, such as Seoul-Busan-Seoul (1000 km) and the Grande Randonnee of 1200 km and also when applying for participating in the famous Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP). The nextcoming PBP event is in 2019.
  • Super Randonneurs can buy a medal for ₩15,000.
  • During 4 years (2016-2019) the lay-out remains unchanged.
  • It is available at the finish of brevets, unless they are on order.

    In 2016, 179 members have won the title of Super Randonneur of which several can claim the KR5000 award..



    There exists an international award for having accumulated 5000 kms of sanctioned brevets, but Korea Randonneurs has established its own.
    Becoming the bearer of such a medal will be an extreme privilege, there will not be many!
    The following criteria are minimum for acquiring the KR5000 award, these brevets need to be successfully completed in a period of 1 calendar year:
  • a full series (makes 1500 km)
  • participating in a Fleche team (acc. to 1860 km)
  • S-B-S 1000K OR the GR1200K (acc. to 2860 or 3060 km)
  • other brevets and permanents to supplement to 5000 km

    See a listing of the award winners after the 2017 brevet season at the Roll of Honor.


    As from 2016, Korea Randonneurs has introduced the R12 award. This award can be won when a rider finishes at least one brevet or permanent every month of the year. Participating in the fleche also counts. Winners will be honored in the Roll of Honor and will receive a special medal.


Adventure Series

    Permanents in the adventure series are hard, using small roads in remote countryside and show the most beautiful scenery of the country. Riders must have a good condition and must be well prepared. Take care of safety at all time. If the weather condition is not good, especially after rain or snow, riding can be difficult. Please be careful of small pebbles, sand, and fallen leaves on the road. Be sure to prepare cleat-covers, etc. Carbon wheelsets with rim-breaks are not recommended.

    After completing the whole series (no date limit), the winner gets a special certificate and will be listed in the 'Honor Roll' on the Korea Randonneurs website. The following permanents are part of the adventure series.

  • PT-46 Chungju Adventure
  • PT-64 Taebaek Adventure
  • PT-75 Andong Adventure
  • PT-76 Chuncheon Adventure
  • PT-77 Seoul Adventure
  • PT-79 Jirisan Adventure

Awards issued by ACP

    Our parent organization ACP in Paris also issues awards, the Randonneur 5000 (R5000) and the Randonneur 10000 (R10000). In order to obtain the reward, a written request must be made to ACP before October 31st of the current year.
    Korea Randonneurs management will assist members who want to obtain such a reward issued by ACP. For the conditions, please refer to the following webpages (in English):
  • R5000 rules
  • R10000 rules