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Permanents in Jeollado

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Summary of available Permanents

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Code Name Distance Climbing Time Limit Start in Finish in Designed by
PT-08 Saemangeum 204km 1,301m 13:36 Gunsan Gunsan Bill Goins
PT-16 Gwangju-Cheonan 240km 2,658m 16:00 Gwangju Cheonan Jan Boonstra
PT-49 South Jeolla Experience 326km 2,982m 21:44 Suncheon Suncheon Jan Boonstra
PT-57 Around Jeju Island 224km 1,588m 14:56 Jeju City Jeju City Jang Jung-won
PT-58 Jeju, Islands and Mountain 203km 2,950m 13:32 Jeju City Jeju City Jang Jung-won
PT-79 Jirisan Adventure 224km 4,054m 14:56 Namwon Namwon Kim Young-sam
PT-80 Jeongeup Heart 211km 2,753m 14:04 Jeongeup Jeongeup Song Myeong-seok
PT-81 Mudskipper 204km 2,177m 13:36 Gwangju Gwangju Lothar
PT-83 Night Sea of Yeosu 201km 2,000m 13:24 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Young-sam
PT-87 Jindo Loop 206km 1,951m 13:44 Haenam Haenam Lothar
PT-88 Suncheon Adventure 205km 2,964m 13:40 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Young-sam
PT-90 Time Travel 211km 1,733m 14:04 Jeonju Jeonju Kim Yang-su
PT-103 Sinan-gun 204km 1,060m 13:36 Gwangju Gwangju Seo Sangwon
PT-104 A plum river runs through it 208km 2,069m 13:52 Namwon Namwon Kwon Young-su
PT-105 Jeongeup Diamond 202km 1,426m 13:28 Jeongeup Jeongeup Lee Seung-ryeong
PT-121 the Victory of Chungmugong 206km 1,646m 13:44 Mokpo Mokpo Jeong Yeong-gi
PT-124 Goheung Volleyshoot 206km 2,371m 13:44 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Youngsam
PT-132 Into Space-Ujuro 209km 2,863m 13:56 Goheung Goheung Cho Sung-hyon
PT-135 A Trip to Chunhyanggol 203km 2,665m 13:32 Jeonju Jeonju Kim Yang-su
PT-147 Hopping Puppy 221km 2,245m 14:44 Gwangju Gwangju Kwon Yeongmin
PT-148 Jiri Mt. Seahorse course 205km 3,839m 13:40 Namwon Namwon Kim Young-sam
PT-151 Search for Imsil Cheese 205km 2,909m 13:40 Jeonju Jeonju Kwon Young-su
PT-153 Mountain and Sea Road 200 201km 2,090m 13:24 Buan Buan Kim Yang-su
PT-154 Mujinjang Firefly 200 203km 4,413m 13:32 Muju Muju Kim Yang-su
PT-159 Playground of four fairies 200km 3,299m 13:20 Jeonju Jeonju Yang So-cheon
PT-160 Jeongeup Spade 203km 1,348m 13:32 Jeongeup Jeongeup Lee Seungyong
PT-162 Suncheon and Namwon 204km 2,003m 13:36 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Youngsam
PT-164 Pig, oink, oink 203km 2,150m 13:32 Haenam Haenam Choi Suae
PT-165 Jannabi 202km 1,967m 13:28 Haenam Haenam Park Chang-bin
PT-188 Jeolla Flying Squirrel 203km 1,967m 13:32 Damyang Damyang Kwon Young-soo
PT-191 Jeju Blackfish 200km 1,694m 13:20 Jeju City Jeju City Han Aram
PT-416 Spring Day 416km 2,653m 27h 44m Jindo Ansan Kim Jinhak
Baekdudaegan Challenge
There is a special randonnee called the "Baekdudaegan Challenge", which combines 4 permanents (PT-19, PT-20, PT-21 and PT-25) into one, with a length of 1760 km.
The course is extremely mountainous, the total of climbing meters exceeds 40,000m. Permanent PT-19R can be done instead of PT-19.
The four stages can be done separately but must all have been successfully finished within one year. There is a special certificate for this longest and toughest cycling marathon.
Only a few members have ever achieved this monster marathon, see the Honor Roll.
Adventure Series
Permanents in the adventure series are hard, using small roads in remote countryside and show the most beautiful scenery of the country. Riders must have a good condition and must be well prepared. Take care of safety at all time. If the weather condition is not good, especially after rain or snow, riding can be difficult. Please be careful of small pebbles, sand, and fallen leaves on the road. Be sure to prepare cleat-covers, etc. Carbon wheelsets with rim-breaks are not recommended.

After completing six (6) different adventure permanents at own choice (no date limit), the winner gets a special certificate and will be listed in the 'Honor Roll' on the Korea Randonneurs website. To see a list of all adventure permanents, please visit the section AWARDS in this website.