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Permanents in Chungcheongdo

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Summary of available Permanents

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Code Name Distance Climbing Time Limit Start in Finish in Designed by
PT-07 Daejeon-Incheon 216km 2,447m 14:24 Daejeon Incheon Jason Ham
PT-15 Cheonan-Gwangju 240km 2,158m 16:00 Cheonan Gwangju Jan Boonstra
PT-36 Daechong Lake Shores 203km 2,539m 13:32 Sejong City Sejong City Yun Ki-ho
PT-59 Cheong-Gong route 207km 2,267m 13:48 Ochang Ochang Lee Tae-hun
PT-66 Santa Route 207km 2,428m 13:48 Daejeon Daejeon Tim Schilstra
PT-71 Tribute to Patriots 224km 2,084m 14:56 Baebang Baebang Choi Dae-sik
PT-86 Chungnam Silkroad 215km 1,861m 14:20 Sejong Sejong Yoon Kee-ho
PT-92 Chungnam Gourmet Tour 204km 1,271m 13:36 Cheonan Cheonan Choi Daesik
PT-93 Chungnam Literature Road 206km 1,681m 13:44 Baebang Baebang Kim Han-su
PT-102 Central Korea 207km 2,135m 13:48 Ochang Ochang Kim Jong-ha
PT-119 Winding River 207km 2,891m 13:48 Daejeon Daejeon Jeong Won Seok
PT-129 Cheongpung Adventure 232km 3,876m 15:28 Jecheon Jecheon Kim Jinhak
PT-133 Jaban Fish 205km 794m 13:40 Daejeon Daejeon Jeong Won-seok
PT-134 Songnisan Sightseeing 206km 3,121m 13:44 Daejeon Daejeon Jeong Won-seok
PT-138 Starry Night 207km 2,112m 13:48 Dangjin Dangjin Kim Han-soo
PT-139 Lying in the Sea 208km 2,699m 13:52 Dangjin Dangjin Kim Han-su
PT-140 Bike Pilgrimage 208km 2,084m 13:52 Dangjin Dangjin Kim Han-su
PT-141 From cradle to grave 203km 2,452m 13:32 Baebang Baebang Kim Han-su
PT-142 the Sky 206km 2,213m 13:44 Buyeo Buyeo Choi Wookab
PT-150 Sinchang Fried Shrimps 206km 3,013m 13:44 Sinchang Sinchang Kwon Young-su
PT-156 A-Gong-Cheong-Cheon 2 210km 3,527m 14:00 Asan Onyang Asan Onyang Won Kwang-sik
PT-172 the Korean equator 209km 2,587m 13:56 Boryeong Gimcheon Jan Boonstra
PT-176 Chungnam Adventure 227km 3,629m 15h 08m Asan-Onyang Asan-Onyang Kim Youngsam / Jung Il-kyo
PT-187 Daejeon Narrow-mouth frog 201km 1,269m 13:24 Daejeon Daejeon Choi Byungwook
PT-190 Chungnam Whale 218km 1,086m 14:32 Cheonan-Asan Cheonan-Asan Son Jeongheon
Baekdudaegan Challenge
There is a special randonnee called the "Baekdudaegan Challenge", which combines 4 permanents (PT-19, PT-20, PT-21 and PT-25) into one, with a length of 1760 km.
The course is extremely mountainous, the total of climbing meters exceeds 40,000m. Permanent PT-19R can be done instead of PT-19.
The four stages can be done separately but must all have been successfully finished within one year. There is a special certificate for this longest and toughest cycling marathon.
Only a few members have ever achieved this monster marathon, see the Honor Roll.
Adventure Series
Permanents in the adventure series are hard, using small roads in remote countryside and show the most beautiful scenery of the country. Riders must have a good condition and must be well prepared. Take care of safety at all time. If the weather condition is not good, especially after rain or snow, riding can be difficult. Please be careful of small pebbles, sand, and fallen leaves on the road. Be sure to prepare cleat-covers, etc. Carbon wheelsets with rim-breaks are not recommended.

After completing six (6) different adventure permanents at own choice (no date limit), the winner gets a special certificate and will be listed in the 'Honor Roll' on the Korea Randonneurs website. To see a list of all adventure permanents, please visit the section AWARDS in this website.