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Summary of available Permanents

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Code Name Distance Climbing Time Limit Start in Finish in Designed by
PT-02 Green Heart 202km 2,583m 13:28 Waegwan Waegwan Russell Morris
PT-03 Ganghwa-do 210km 1,356m 14:00 Seoul-Banpo Seoul-Banpo Jason Ham
PT-04 The Hourglass 200km 2,191m 13:20 Seoul-Banpo Seoul-Banpo Jason Ham
PT-05 Good morning Southsea 202km 2,163m 13:28 Busan-Sasang Busan-Sasang Jan Boonstra
PT-06 Incheon-Daejeon 214km 2,516m 14:16 Incheon Daejeon Jason Ham
PT-07 Daejeon-Incheon 216km 2,447m 14:24 Daejeon Incheon Jason Ham
PT-08 Saemangeum 204km 1,301m 13:36 Gunsan Gunsan Bill Goins
PT-09 The Jinju Shoreline Route 202km 2,031m 13:28 Jinju Jinju Jan Boonstra
PT-10 Bohyeonsan 202km 2,281m 13:28 Daegu Daegu Jan Boonstra
PT-11 Uiseong-East Sea-Uiseong 201km 3,145m 13:24 Uiseong Uiseong Russell Morris
PT-12 3-buk high adventure tour 202km 3,703m 13:28 Gimcheon Gimcheon Russell Morris
PT-15 Cheonan-Gwangju 240km 2,158m 16:00 Cheonan Gwangju Jan Boonstra
PT-16 Gwangju-Cheonan 240km 2,658m 16:00 Gwangju Cheonan Jan Boonstra
PT-19 12 hills 7 passes 455km 9,275m 30:20 Taebaek Sokcho Kim Young-sam
PT-19R Baekdudaegan 19 passes 457km 10,351m 30:28 Ganseong Taebaek Kim Young-sam
PT-20 Taebaek, Hill of the wind 406km 10,397m 27:04 Samcheok Chunyang Kim Young-sam
PT-21 The oldest Korean passes 464km 9,331m 30:56 Chunyang Gimcheon Kim Young-sam
PT-22 Beautiful Roads Hamyang 200km 3,736m 13:20 Hamyang Hamyang Jang Nam-sik
PT-25 Baekdudaegan 4 448km 10,651m 29:52 Gimcheon Jeongryeongchi Kim Young-sam
PT-26 Cheongpyeongho, Homyeongsan 257km 3,096m 17:08 Seoul Yeouido Seoul Yeouido Jang Nam-sik
PT-27 1005-OBD 210km 2,085m 14:00 Cheonan Osan Lee Ju-ho
PT-28 Gyodong-do 204km 1,375m 13:36 Seoul Yeouido Seoul Yeouido Jang Nam-sik
PT-33 The Kite 370km 2,979m 24:40 Seoul-Banpo Seoul-Banpo Jan Boonstra
PT-34 The Road to Tongyeong 217km 2,567m 14:28 Geochang Tongyeong Kim Young-sam
PT-35 Baekdu Mt.range Park 308km 6,191m 20:32 Seoul-Banpo Jinbu Pass Kim Young-sam
PT-36 Daechong Lake Shores 203km 2,539m 13:32 Sejong City Sejong City Yun Ki-ho
PT-38 Han River trails 332km 2,028m 22:08 Seoul-Banpo Seoul-Banpo Lee Kwang-ho
PT-39 The Great King Sejong 228km 2,773m 15:12 Yeoju Yeoju Lee Jin-young
PT-41 Tour de Yangpyeong 204km 3,277m 13:36 Yangpyeong Yangpyeong Lee Kwang-ho
PT-42 Spring Breeze 204km 2,992m 13:36 Yeoju Yeoju Lee Jin-young
PT-43 Seoul Bike Paths 203km 1,583m 13:32 Seoul-Banpo Seoul-Banpo Kim Young-sam
PT-44 Jeongdongjin-Jeongseojin 317km 4,401m 21:08 Jeongdongjin Jeongseojin Jang Jung-won
PT-45 Flatterfest 202km 877m 13:28 Busan-Sasang Busan-Sasang Jan Boonstra
PT-46 Chungju Adventure 200km 2,209m 13:20 Seoul Jamsil Chungju Kim Young-sam
PT-48 Jiri Mt. Seahorse course 236km 4,413m 15:44 Namwon Namwon Kim Young-sam
PT-49 South Jeolla Experience 332km 2,965m 22:08 Suncheon Suncheon Jan Boonstra
PT-50 Time of Contemplation 224km 2,998m 14:56 Gumi Gumi Jung Dong-won
PT-51 Chicken noodle & Arboretum 211km 1,302m 14:04 Suwon Suwon Lim Bong-gyu
PT-53 Dongtan-Pyeongtaekho 202km 1,594m 13:28 Dongtan Dongtan Lee Ju-ho
PT-54 Baby chick 202km 1,203m 13:28 Seoul Yanghwa Seoul Yanghwa Kim Hoe-jin
PT-55 Chuncheon Chicken ribs 222km 2,207m 14:48 Seoul Gwangnaru Seoul Gwangnaru Kim Young-sam
PT-57 Around Jeju Island 233km 1,588m 15:32 Jeju City Jeju City Jang Jung-won
PT-58 Jeju, Islands and Mountain 203km 2,950m 13:32 Jeju City Jeju City Jang Jung-won
PT-59 Cheong-Gong route 207km 2,267m 13:48 Ochang Ochang Lee Tae-hun
PT-60 Gyeongchun Line 200km 2,824m 13:20 Seoul Dangsan Chuncheon Kim Hoe-jin
PT-62 Dumulmeori Hotdog WH 203km 1,092m 13:32 Osan Osan Lee Sangwon
PT-63 Daegu Sprout 208km 670m 13:52 Daegu Daegu Jung Dong-won
PT-64 Taebaek Adventure 219km 5,132m 14:36 Taebaek Taebaek Kim Young-sam
PT-65 Tour de Southern Coast 278km 3,000m 18:32 Haman Haman Jung Dong-won
PT-66 Santa Route 207km 2,428m 13:48 Daejeon Daejeon Tim Schilstra
PT-67 Sky City 200km 1,972m 13:20 Incheon Incheon Jason Ham
PT-68 Millenium City 206km 2,009m 13:44 Gyeongju Gyeongju Kim Giyob
PT-69 Hallyeohaesang 205km 4,051m 13:40 Gohyeon Gohyeon Jan Boonstra
PT-70 Cheontaeho epic 202km 2,485m 13:28 Busan Busan Michael Noonan
PT-71 Tribute to Patriots 224km 2,084m 14:56 Baebang Baebang Choi Dae-sik
PT-72 Following Rivers to Yeongwol 233km 2,821m 15:32 Seoul Gwangnaru Yeongwol Kim Young-sam
PT-73 Slow Trip to Sokcho 214km 2,577m 14:16 Seoul Gwangnaru Sokcho Kim Young-sam
PT-75 Andong Adventure 201km 3,487m 13:24 Yeongwol Andong Kim Young-sam
PT-76 Chuncheon Adventure 234km 6,337m 15:36 Chuncheon Chuncheon Kim Young-sam
PT-77 Seoul Adventure 201km 3,188m 13:24 Seoul Jamsil Seoul Jamsil Kim Young-sam
PT-78 Southern Seoul 200 206km 1,677m 13:44 Seoul Jangji-dong Seoul Jangji-dong Kim Giyob
PT-79 Jirisan Adventure 224km 4,054m 14:56 Namwon Namwon Kim Young-sam
PT-80 Jeongeup Heart 211km 2,753m 14:04 Jeongeup Jeongeup Song Myeong-seok
PT-81 Mudskipper 203km 1,836m 13:32 Gwangju Gwangju Lothar
PT-82 When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom 226km 3,218m 15:00 Bongpyeong Bongpyeong Choi Daesik
PT-83 Night Sea of Yeosu 203km 2,889m 13:32 Suncheon Yeosu Kim Young-sam
PT-84 Dream of One Korea 343km 4,268m This permanent is only available in organized group rides
PT-85 Waemok village 210km 1,257m 14:00 Osan Pyeongtaek Sin Kwang-cheol
PT-86 Chungnam Silkroad 215km 1,861m 14:20 Sejong Sejong Yoon Kee-ho
PT-87 Jindo Loop 206km 1,951m 13:44 Haenam Haenam Lothar
PT-88 Suncheon Adventure 205km 2,964m 13:40 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Young-sam
PT-89 Seoul Tour 205km 1,629m 13:40 Yeoju Yeoju Shim Jae-hwan
PT-90 Time Travel 211km 1,733m 14:04 Jeonju Jeonju Kim Yang-su
PT-91 A Trip Alone 205km 2,760m 13:40 Daegu Daegu Jung Dongwon
PT-92 Chungnam Gourmet Tour 204km 1,271m 13:36 Cheonan Cheonan Choi Daesik
PT-93 Chungnam Literature Road 206km 1,681m 13:44 Baebang Baebang Kim Han-su
PT-94 Nakdong Mountain Adventure 253km 5,243m 16:52 Bonghwa Pohang Won Kwang-sick
PT-95 Green Narae 209km 2,090m 13:56 Hyeonpung Hyeonpung Park Ju-young
PT-96 Seoul NJoy 201km 1,055m 13:24 Seoul Seongsan bridge Seoul Seongsan bridge Lee Yong-kil
PT-97 Gangneung Adventure 231km 4,528m 15:24 Jeongdongjin Gangneung Kwon Yeongmin
PT-98 Dongdoring 202km 1,289m 13:28 Seoul Guro Seoul Guro Kim Jin-hak
PT-99 Seoul eastern uphills 202km 3,173m 13:28 Seoul Banpo Seoul Banpo Pyun Kwi-seop
PT-101 Seoul west 200K 207km 1,803m 13:48 Seoul Yeomchang Seoul Yeomchang Kim Yang-su
PT-102 Central Korea 207km 2,135m 13:48 Ochang Ochang Kim Jong-ha
PT-103 Sinan-gun 204km 1,060m 13:36 Gwangju Gwangju Seo Sangwon
PT-104 A plum river runs through it 208km 2,069m 13:52 Namwon Namwon Kwon Young-su
PT-105 Jeongeup Diamond 206km 1,527m 13:44 Jeongeup Jeongeup Lee Seung-ryeong
PT-106 Route Seonbi 213km 3,797m 14:12 Uiseong Uiseong Kim Jung-sik
PT-107 Miryang Adventure 200km 3,153m 13:20 Miryang Miryang Bas
PT-108 Danjong Adventure 218km 3,048m 14:32 Seoul Gwangnaru/td> Yeongwol Cho Sung-hyon
PT-109 Yongmun Adventure 221km 3,419m 14:44 Yongmun Yongmun Kwon Yeongmin
PT-113 Samcheok Adventure 213km 4,786m 14:12 Samcheok Samcheok Kwon Yeongmin
PT-114 the Road to Gangneung 217km 3,243m 14:28 Seoul Gwangnaru Gangneung Jang Seongjun
PT-116 Unmullyeong of Yeongnam Alps 201km 2,913m 13:24 Yangsan-Mulgeum Yangsan-Mulgeum Park Tae-kyu
PT-117 Seoul-Busan 440km 3,746m 29:20 Seoul Busan Jan Boonstra
PT-118 Busan-Seoul 440km 3,696m 29:20 Busan Seoul Jan Boonstra
PT-119 Winding River 207km 2,891m 13:48 Daejeon Daejeon Jeong Won Seok
PT-120 Dongdofish 201km 2,825m 13:24 Yangpyeong Yangpyeong Kim Jinhak
PT-121 the Victory of Chungmugong 205km 2,078m 13:40 Mokpo Mokpo Jeong Yeong-gi
PT-123 Chuncheon North 203km 3,340m 13:32 Chuncheon Chuncheon Natalia Yakunina
PT-124 Goheung Volleyshoot 206km 2,371m 13:44 Suncheon Suncheon Kim Youngsam
PT-125 Ulsan-200K 203km 2,174m 13:32 Ulsan Ulsan Jan
PT-126 Baby Yoda 209km 2,196m 13:56 Busan Suyeong Busan Suyeong Mike
PT-127 Songchu 200K 206km 2,100m 13:44 Seoul Mangwon Seoul Mangwon Jeon Kyu-il
PT-129 Cheongpung Adventure 232km 3,876m 15:28 Jecheon Jecheon Kim Jinhak
PT-130 Pocheon Adventure 204km 3,206m 13:36 Dongducheon Dongducheon Kim Young-sam
PT-131 Around the Yeongnam Alps 201km 2,506m 13:24 Yangsan-Mulgeum Yangsan-Mulgeum Kim Jong-ha
PT-132 Into Space 212km 2,984m 14:08 Goheung Goheung Cho Sung-hyon
PT-137 Wandering to Andong 211km 2,852m 14:04 Yeongwol Andong Kwon Young-min
PT-140 Bike Pilgrimage 208km 2,084m 13:52 Dangjin Dangjin Kim Han-su
PT-147 Hopping Puppy 221km 2,245m 14:44 Gwangju Gwangju Kwon Yeongmin
PT-152 Southwestern Gyeonggi-do 207km 1,447m 13:48 Gwangmyeong Gwangmyeong Kwon Young-min
PT-161 Tracing Traitors 253km 2,752m 16:52 Seoul Seocho-gu Seoul Yongsan-gu Kim Young-sam
PT-174 Geochang BBQ 204km 3,005m 13:36 Andong Geochang Kim Young-sam
PT-416 Spring Day 416km 2,525m 27h 44m Jindo Ansan Kim Jinhak
Baekdudaegan Challenge
There is a special randonnee called the "Baekdudaegan Challenge", which combines 4 permanents (PT-19, PT-20, PT-21 and PT-25) into one, with a length of 1760 km.
The course is extremely mountainous, the total of climbing meters exceeds 40,000m. Permanent PT-19R can be done instead of PT-19.
The four stages can be done separately but must all have been successfully finished within one year. There is a special certificate for this longest and toughest cycling marathon.
Only a few members have ever achieved this monster marathon, see the Honor Roll.
Adventure Series
Permanents in the adventure series are hard, using small roads in remote countryside and show the most beautiful scenery of the country. Riders must have a good condition and must be well prepared. Take care of safety at all time. If the weather condition is not good, especially after rain or snow, riding can be difficult. Please be careful of small pebbles, sand, and fallen leaves on the road. Be sure to prepare cleat-covers, etc. Carbon wheelsets with rim-breaks are not recommended.

After completing six (6) different adventure permanents at own choice (no date limit), the winner gets a special certificate and will be listed in the 'Honor Roll' on the Korea Randonneurs website. To see a list of all adventure permanents, please visit the section AWARDS in this website.