Instructions for Permanent Designers

Korea Randonneurs welcomes members to design permanents.

Permanents route info  Super Randonnées route info


Korea Randonneurs welcomes members to design permanents. After a proposal is approved, it will get a PT-number, the course will be shown on the permanents map, a web page will be made with all information and any member can ride the permanent after paying a fee to Korea Randonneurs.
The designer can ride the permanent one time for free. The designer has to maintain the course by notifying Korea Randonneurs about changes regarding controls and route diversions. All permanents are managed by Jan Boonstra, at

How to make Permanents


The designer will get an approval by email to continue by preparing the following documents:

  • Control info sheets.
          This must be an image file (not spreadsheet), that the rider can download and print out.
          It contains a photo of the control point with a detailed map and a description.
          One sheet contains 3 to 5 control points.
  • A map showing the whole course and the control points.
          The control points are tagged with number, distance from start, name (KR), name (EN).
  • Elevation profile with indication of the controls in image file, GIF format.

  • Examples of each of the three required documents are available: check the website of any permanent or brevet. It does not need to be in exactly the same layout and format as the available examples. Use your own creativity; it is acceptable if it is clear for the user. Do not ask me for templates, because I do not have them.
    I use the documents of an existing permanent as the base for a new one; you as the designer have the same resources. For an elevation profile: you can use any of the available course design websites, like 'MapMyRide', 'BikeRouteToaster', 'Strava', 'RideWithGPS', etc., etc.

    STEP 3

    The documents listed in 'step 2' need approval from Jan Boonstra. Further processing will be done by the management, making it available on the website for all members and introducing it in the on line system.
    The designer is invited to ride the permanent once for free.