Super Randonneur

    >Super Randonneur medal

    A rider becomes a Super Randonneur after having successfully completed a full series of brevets in the same year. A full series consists of the following brevets: 200 km, 300 km, 400 km, 600 km.
    You need to be a Super Randonneur in order to qualify to participate (during the same year) in brevets of 1000 km or more, such as Seoul-Busan-Seoul (1000 km) and the Grande Randonnee of 1200 km and also when applying for participating in the famous Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP). The nextcoming PBP event is in 2023.
  • Super Randonneurs can buy a medal for ₩15,000.
  • During 4 years (2020-2023) the lay-out remains unchanged.
  • It is available at the finish of brevets, unless they are on order.



    There exists an international award for having accumulated 5000 kms of sanctioned brevets, but Korea Randonneurs has established its own.
    Becoming the bearer of such a medal will be an extreme privilege, there will not be many!
    The following criteria are minimum for acquiring the KR5000 award, these brevets need to be successfully completed in a period of 1 calendar year:
  • a full series (makes 1500 km)
  • participating in a Fleche team (acc. to 1860 km)
  • S-B-S 1000K OR the GR1200K (acc. to 2860 or 3060 km)
  • other brevets and permanents to supplement to 5000 km

    See a listing of the award winners after the 2017 brevet season at the Roll of Honor.


    As from 2016, Korea Randonneurs has introduced the R12 award. This award can be won when a rider finishes at least one brevet or permanent in South Korea every month of the year. Participating in the fleche, Zwift event, LRM and SR-600 also counts. Winners will be honored in the Roll of Honor and will receive a special medal.


Successful finishers can order a medal (15,000 won)

BDDG medal

Adventure Series

Paldo Award

paldo division of Korea

"Paldo" stands for the 8 provinces in Korea, in the time that Jeju-do belonged to South Jeolla-do and the independent and special city regions (Seoul teukbyeolsi, Busan gwangyeoksi, etc) did not exist yet. The challenge is to ride in 8 different provinces within a period of 12 months. The "city provinces" are disregarded. That leaves 9 "land provinces" in Korea, see the map. Of those 9 provinces, you need to ride in 8 to win the award, which is a medal that will be sent to you. The following rules apply:
  1. Successful finishing of a regular brevet, permanent or super randonnee is valid.
  2. Results from before 2021/01/01 do not count.
  3. Only the province of the start location counts.
  4. The official starting location counts, not your actual starting location.
  5. The member needs to keep record him/herself and request for confirmation after completing the challenge by email to Jan Boonstra. (
  6. The award can be won only once.

    paldo medal

PT-117 (Seoul-Busan) counts for Gyeonggi-do, while PT-118 (Busan-Seoul) counts for Gyeongsang Nam-do. Note: a course starting in Daejeon city counts for Chungcheong Buk-do.

River to Ocean award

    >s-t map

    In this challenge "River to Ocean", the rider needs to ride from Seoul to the southern port city of Tongyeong in 4 sections. The course is designed to show the best of what Korea has to offer to a randonneur regarding countryside and scenic beauty. A special award is given to the rider who completes the four sections within the period of one year. The four sections are PT-72, PT-137, PT-174, PT-34. The second section PT-137 can be replaced by PT-75. Successful finishers can order a medal (15,000 won).

    R to O medal

Awards issued by ACP

    Our parent organization ACP in Paris also issues awards, the Randonneur 5000 (R5000), the Randonneur 10000 (R10000) and the SR600 (Read about the SR600 courses in Korea). In order to obtain the reward, a written request must be made to ACP before October 31st of the current year.
    Korea Randonneurs management will assist members who want to obtain such a reward issued by ACP. For the conditions, please refer to the following webpages (in English):
  • R5000 규칙
  • R10000 규칙

Best Rider award

This award is given to the member who does the Kakao reporting in permanents at start, controls and finish in a correct way. Here are the rules:
  1. The award is given to the member who completed 10 rides (permanents or SR-600's) without failure in reporting during one calendar year (in 2021, there are only 6 months left, for this year not 10, but 5 rides count).
  2. The award is given once a year and the winners are listed in the honor roll.
  3. When reporting is done in a group chatroom, all group members compete individually.
  4. Jan will keep record of correct reporting and the rider will be informed after the finish if the reporting was done 100% correctly.
  5. DNQ counts when only passed the time limit. DNF does not count.

Summary of the conditions for correct reporting

  1. Do not send more information and photos than is required.
  2. Send all photos immediately after taking.
  3. At the start, send a photo or a digital copy of the waiver form (completely filled in, well readable and signed). Only send a Kakao image, not a file to download.
  4. The rider must be registered with the correct PT number.
  5. Send a text message by Kakao, containing only: member number / name / PT- (or SR-) number / Start CP-number in case the start is not at the regular S/F location.
  6. Make a start photo, this is a selfie with the start location in the background (for SR-600: bike with frame badge). The time of sending the photo counts as the starting time.
  7. Keep reporting in the same chatroom throughout the ride.
  8. At controls, send one photo with the control location well recognizable in the background and a text message with the CP number, not the location name.
  9. At the finish, send one photo with the finish location well recognizable in the background and a text message saying that you are finished. The time of sending the photo is the finish time.
  10. At the finish, send a photo of the permanent sheet within 6 hours after arrival.
  11. SR600 is different from regular permanents and authentication methods. When verifying the starting point, CP and arrival point, send a photo of "bicycle with frame badge and background"

The Galmaegi Challenge

    galmaegi map

    Three permanents are forming a string with a total length of 623 km, starting in Seoul and ending in Busan. Here are the details:
    1. PT-171 Seoul - Boryeong  207 km
    2. PT-172 Boryeong- Gimcheon  209 km
    3. PT-173 Gimcheon - Busan  207 km
    The complete string is called the "Galmaegi Challenge" and members who successfully finish the three permanents within one year (in any order), will be assigned the Galmaegi award, be listed in the honor roll and can order a medal (15,000 won).

    galmaegi medal

Strawberry Challenge



This challenge was made for those who like rides with a long distance on a mainly flat course. The goal is to ride 700 km on the combined courses of PT-33 (370 km) and PT-38 (330 km). Both permanents start and finish in Seoul-Banpo. To win the "Strawberry Award" you must:
  1. successfully finish PT-33 in 24h 40m
  2. successfully finish PT-38 in 22h 00m
  3. Take no more than 6 hours rest in between the two permanents

It does not matter which permanent you ride first and which you ride last. The winner will be listed in the honor roll on the website and receive a certificate. There is no medal available for this award.

If you want a perfect strawberry experience on this challenge, make a small detour (2 x 1.8 km, direction Gapyeong) just before you cross the Bukhan River on the way to Yangpyeong. You pass by there on PT-33, as well as on PT-38. At the Osam farm you can experience delicious products, all made from strawberries.

Osam farm