About Brevets Populaires

Brevet populaires (b.p.) are brevets of 100 km and are introduced in 2023 to reach a larger community of long distance bike riding enthusiasts. Riding a b.p. may be a welcoming opportunity to get familiar with the randonneuring sport, when a 200 km brevet is too much of a challenge to begin with. Notice well: a b.p. is not a brevet and not a permanent, it is not sanctioned by our parent organization ACP and therefore does not qualify for international awards and qualifications. For riding a b.p., the same rules apply as for normal brevets regarding application, safety, check-in, controls, finish. Also the brevet fee is the same.

The Details

  1. The distance is between 100 km and 110 km and it must be completed within 7 hours.
  2. After successful finishing, 100 km is added to the member's result.
  3. A b.p. does not count for R12, but the total kilometers in one year count for the KR5000 award.
  4. A b.p. does not qualify for "first success of the year" souvenir.
  5. A certificate of completion is available, but not a medal.