How to register for Brevet

To participate in a brevet (ride) or the Flèche, you need to be a member of Korea Randonneurs.
To become a member, visit the Online Registration Site and apply for a membership. You will receive your membership number by email. This may take up to 5 days

Online Registration Site

To register for a Brevet

  • Visit the Online Registration Site, log in and click on the brevet you like to ride. Links pop up for finding the brevet fee and for information about the brevet.
  • After clicking REGISTER you will notice the status of your application: the brevet is followed by the text "(applied)". An email message will be sent to you with payment instructions. If the payment is not received within 3 days, the application can be cancelled. The application will be cancelled in any case if payment is not received seven days before the brevet date.
  • The registration closes at 6 pm one day before Brevet and the payment must be made on the same day. The registration on the start is not allowed.
  • When transferring money, do not state any details; only your name and your number. When transferring from an ATM, only your name is sufficient. You can only pay by bank transfer, not at the start.
  • After payment the text "(applied)" will change into "(confirmed)". NOTE: this may take up to 5 days
  • Read the Check-in Instructions well ahead of the day of the brevet.
  • Visit the brevet program to study the route after downloading the relevant documents. Make print-outs for yourself if you wish; the most important documents (cue sheet, control information) will also be provided for free at the check-in.

    To change or cancel a Brevet

  • When the status is (applied) or (confirmed), changing a brevet can be done on the Online Registration Site up to 5 days before the brevet date. You can only change to a brevet in the same year.
  • When the status is (confirmed), cancellation of the brevet can be done on the Online Registration Site. However, a request for partial refund of the brevet fee can only be done when the cancellation is done up to 5 days before the brevet date.
  • At each refund action ₩5,000 is subtracted from the refund amount for adminstration costs.

    Fees levied in 2019

    To apply above fee schedule, it is not necessary to start always in the same city. If, for any reason the rider cannot start the brevet, there is no refund possible.

    For full series brevets (200K, 300K, 400K, 600K)
  • 1st brevet: ₩20,000 + ₩10,000 membership fee
  • 2nd brevet: ₩15,000
  • 3rd and subsequent brevets: ₩15,000

  • Fees for other KoRa events
  • Fleche: ₩150,000 per team (incl. finish celebration lunch)
  • 1000K Seoul-Busan-Seoul: ₩40,000
  • 1200K Super Randonnee: ₩120,000 (incl. special event jersey and dropbag support)

  • Seoul 200K
  • Seoul 300K
  • Cheonan 400K

  • Your fee is
    Membership 2018 + 1st brevet + 2nd brevet + 3rd brevet =
    ₩10,000 + ₩20,000 + ₩15,000 + ₩15,000 = ₩60,000

    Then later you apply for the Gwangju 600K (GBG) and for the Seoul 1000 (SBS). Your additional payment is
    4th brevet + SBS = ₩15,000 + ₩40,000 = ₩55,000

    NOTE: You can only register for 1000K and 1200K rides after having obtained pre-qualification. To pre-qualify, you have to have successfully finished in the same year a full series of brevets (200K, 300K, 400K, 600K), or an approved brevet of 1000K or more in the same or previous year. The brevets must have been sanctioned by ACP, the international parent organisation of Korea Randonneurs.