About Permanents

A Permanent is a brevet, but it can be ridden on any day, chosen by the rider.

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What is a Permanent?

A Permanent is a brevet, but it can be ridden on any day, chosen by the rider. Regarding distances, time limits, controls, brevet cards, certificates, they are similar to regular BRM brevets. Also digital information like GPS files, Google Map links, overview maps, are available in exactly the same way as usual. Permanents are typically designed by enthusiastic randonneurs, but the administration and control of Permanents is overseen by Korea Randonneurs.
The rider is allowed to start the permanent at any of the control points, but this only applies to permanents where the Start- and Finish point is at the same location.
A permanent can be done individually but also in a small group. If you are a first time participant in a randonneuring event, please make sure you fully understand the rules of regular brevets.

How to ride a Permanent

1. On line registration

See the Permanents Route listing with information about all available permanents.

Click the button "Registration", log in and click on the permanent. Then choose from the options

2. Receive payment instructions

After a few minutes you will receive payment instructions by email: ₩16,000 per permanent.
After 16th permanent applications in the same calendar year, the participation fee is ₩6,000.
After we receive payment, you receive a confirmation that you are registered. Only after registration, you can start the permanent. Please register at least one day before you want to ride the permanent.
You do not need to fix the day of riding. You can start on any day within one year after payment.

3. Download and print out

Download and print out the permanent sheet, waiver form and more information from the permanent info page.

4. Send Start Info

  • At the start, send a photograph of the waiver form and a start-picture, showing the rider at the starting point.
  • You are allowed to start and finish at a CP (control point) instead of the start point. Indicate clearly at which CP you are starting. If you are departing from another CP, you must regard the official start/finish point as a control point.
  • Send a text message with your name, member number and PT-number
  • The time of making the picture is the official starting time. Send message and pictures immediately to Jan Boonstra by Kakao Talk, telephone number 010-8915-7046.
  • You can start any time within a period of 1 year after the date of confirmation of payment. You do not need to tell in advance about your planned riding date. But make sure you are registered with the correct PT-number.

    5. At controls (CP)

    At controls (CP) at convenience stores or sadaegang stamp posts, get a stamp if a stamp is available. Instead, you can always send the picture, showing the rider and the control point. Send it immediately from the control point location by Kakao Talk.
    At the finish, make a finish-picture of the rider at the finish point and a picture of the permanent sheet. Send it immediately by Kakao Talk.
    At start, controls and finish, do not send less, but also not more than is required.

    6. The results

    The results will be added to your personal record, but only if you were registered for the permanent.
    On the permanent control sheet fill in the date and riding time and don't forget to place your signature.
    If you like to receive a certificate (for free) and a homologation of your permanent (stamp and signature on the control sheet), send the permanent control sheet by normal mail to

  • Jan Boonstra : 471, Suyeong-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, Ocean Sky Namcheon APT. 1201 postcode 48265.
    Summary of the conditions for correct reporting

    1. Do not send more information and photos than is required.
    2. Send all photos immediately after taking.
    3. At the start, send a photo or a digital copy of the waiver form (completely filled in, well readable and signed). Only send a Kakao image, not a file to download.
    4. The rider must be registered with the correct PT number.
    5. Send a text message by Kakao, containing only: member number / name / PT- (or SR-) number / Start CP-number in case the start is not at the regular S/F location.
    6. Make a start photo, this is a selfie with the start location in the background (for SR-600: bike with frame badge). The time of sending the photo counts as the starting time.
    7. Keep reporting in the same chatroom throughout the ride.
    8. At controls, send one photo with the control location well recognizable in the background and a text message with the CP number, not the location name.
    9. At the finish, send one photo with the finish location well recognizable in the background and a text message saying that you are finished. The time of sending the photo is the finish time.
    10. At the finish, send a photo of the permanent sheet.
    11. SR600 is different from regular permanents and authentication methods. When verifying the starting point, CP and arrival point, send a photo of "bicycle with frame badge and background"


    All rules regarding safety and night riding apply, as well as the obligation for proper accident insurance. Participants must be KoRa members. If needed, riders may register at the Online Registration Site. KoRa permanents differ from regular BRM brevets as follows:
  • Permanents are not ACP sanctioned, meaning that a successful permanent does not count toward the Super Randonneur qualification.
    But they do count for KR5000 and R12 awards.
  • Distances outside the BRM-scheme (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 km) are possible and the listed kilometers will count for one's personal mileage record.
  • The time limit is calculated from an average speed of 15 km/h, using the actual distance and counting from the actual starting time. Example: Starting time is 7:10 am and the distance is 204 km. The riding time is calculated as 13h 36m, so the rider needs to send his arrival photograph before 8:46 pm.
  • A permanent registration has a validity of one year. It is not refundable and cannot be exchanged with the registration of a regular brevet.
  • A cue sheet is not provided.
  • The bicycle inspection at the start is not carried out by a KoRa staff, it is the responsibility of the rider to ensure the safety of his/her bike in accordance with the rules.
  • All other brevet rules apply, including the regulations mentioned in the FAQ page.
    Feedback and suggestions, announcements of changes due to road construction or closure are always welcome. Also, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have a suggestion for a new permanent course.