About Flèche

"Flèche" is the French word for “arrow”. Teams consisting of 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) riders will start on the specified date of the Korean flèche.

Flèche Route & Teams

The Flèche

The flèche" is a team brevet that starts on a Saturday morning and finishes 24 hours later. Teams start from all over Korea and arrive in Gwangju after exactly 24 hours in order to enjoy the the celebration lunch. During the lunch, the award ceremony takes place; KR5000 medals of the past year are handed out, also the members with the most amazing achievements in the last year are honored.

A team consists of 3 to 5 people and ride at least 360km on their own. In order for a team to finish successfully, at least 3 members have to arrive in Gwangju within 24 hours. Flèche rules dictate a mandatory 22 hour control (=last control) at least 25 km from Gwangju. (See "22h Control" below.)
  Flèche 1947

Fleche Teams

Riders interested in joining a team should contact the respective team leader. Randonneurs who wish to form their own team should contact Jan Boonstra to make arrangements.
One week before the flèche, the team leader will receive the control cards by postal parcel.
The team captain collects the fee from each member and transfers the money to the Korea Randonneurs bank account. He or she is responsible for compliance with the rules for each team member.
See the Flèche Route & Teams of the upcoming flèche this year.

Your route proposal must be completed in a track file in GPX format, also showing the control points. Jan Boonstra will check the proposal carefully and will ask the team leader to make corrections or additions, if necessary. When approved, the team and its route will be shown on the Flèche Route & Teams.

Routes of different teams should be unique, routes may coincide or overlap for short sections, but the starting place should at least be unique. Refer to the Maps link for the exact location of the finish.

The Controls

At controls a photo is taken, showing the team with the required object to be photographed in the background. The required object (a building, marker stone, road sign or any other object) is the same as on the photograph that was sent in with the course proposal. When the control is a convenience store or restaurant, it is also possible that each member collects a stamp on the flèche card instead.

The flèche card and photos are checked by a staff member at the finish. Make sure to do correct control reporting to avoid disqualification!

22h Control

Fleche rules dictate a mandatory 22 hour control (=last control) at least 25 km from Gwangju. Each team is allowed to depart from this control only at or after 22 hours after starting and proceed to Gwangju.